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Blood Sweat & Tears

A small story about restoring a never restored bed of an 33 year old El Camino

Written in May 2001

Actors: Chevrolet El Camino 1968

Terry Dolan


The work begins

Surface rust

More surface rust, waves and dented wheel wells
Close look
Taking out dents
More dents and much more hard work as expected
The right metal line is the gas line !

Underneath the trunk plate - RUST - due to leaves, gravel and dirt

Welding in a matching piece of metal
Wheel wells are almost done
Welded metal and trunk plate support
... and sealed with silicon
The sides and rear done with primer 

Just before painting

The ready product

No, no digital touch up, that's real
Pictures in the park

The Ol' Lady Shining



Terry Dolan - Without him



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